PACK PRINT, Tehran Printing and Packaging Exhibition, Iran

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Date 2023-12-13 - 2023-12-16
City Tehran
Address Tehran International Permanent Fairground
Hall Tehran International Permanent Fairground
Sponsor Tehran Manufacturing Technology Service Trade Union

Exhibition Introduction

PACK PRINT Iran Tehran Printing and Packaging Exhibition 2023, held from December 13 to December 16, 2023 at Iran Tehran International Permanent Fairground, Chamran Express way, Vali-e Asr Ave., Tehran, Iran Tehran International Convention and Exhibition Center, organized by Tehran Manufacturing Technology Services Trade Union, held once a year, with an exhibition area of 25800 square meters, Exhibitor: 89000 people, with a total of 800 exhibitors and participating brands.

The 24th Iran International Printing, Packaging, and Machinery Exhibition was held from December 15-18 at the Tehran International Exhibition Center

The exhibition has a total of 15 exhibition halls, with a net exhibition area of 25800 square meters (19000 square meters in China and 6800 square meters in foreign countries)

The total number of exhibitors has reached 800 (450 domestic enterprises and 350 foreign enterprises)

89000 visitors

Exhibitors mainly come from 22 countries and regions

Market advantages

Geographical advantage: The geographical location not only meets the domestic demand of the country, but also radiates to the markets of some neighboring countries

Population advantage: the population is 80 million, ranking second only to Türkiye in the traditional Middle East region, and the consumption demand is large

Economic advantage: The most imported goods from China are worth 10.3 billion US dollars, and China's high-quality and affordable products are highly popular. Therefore, there are many business opportunities for Chinese enterprises in Iran.

Industry advantages: The packaging and printing industry in Iran is strongly supported by the government, and the advantageous industry in the Middle East

Exhibition Scope

Packaging machinery and accessories: vacuum packaging machines, box pasting machines, bag making machines, filling, filling, sealing, box sealing, labeling machinery, food packaging machinery, daily chemical packaging machinery, plastic soft packaging equipment, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, plastic machinery, various die cutting tool accessories, etc

Corrugated honeycomb cardboard equipment: cardboard machinery, cardboard boxes, paper tapes, pulp, etc

Packaging materials: co extrusion composite, stretch blown film, foam sheet, cardboard paper tube, aluminum foil, adhesive tape, hot melt adhesive processing machinery, plastic packaging materials, metal packaging materials, food packaging materials, drug packaging materials, green and environmentally friendly packaging materials, etc

Packaging containers: plastic packaging containers, metal packaging containers, glass packaging containers, green and environmentally friendly packaging technology, packaging anti-counterfeiting technology, packaging design, packaging technology, packaging publishing media, etc

Packaging finished products: packaging bags, packaging boxes, gift packaging and other related products

Pre press: new version of process flow system, RIP system software and image processor for different needs and comprehensive operations, software and technology for variable data printing and color management, software for image editing, processing and art materials

Printing: various printing technologies and equipment such as offset printing, flexible printing, silk screen printing, gravure printing, equipment labeling machines, marking machines, coding machines, inkjet printers, digital printing equipment, digital imaging system transfer printing, fast printing technology, equipment and materials, CTP system, plate making, film, film, paper, glue, ink, and other layout and color proofing hardware; Digital inkjet printing technology equipment and materials; Printers and consumables

Post press: printing and printing processing, laser equipment binding machines, laminating machines, veneer machines, stamping machines, cutting and folding systems, printing services, paper products, printing products related to more other products

Exhibition data

Iran Tehran Printing and Packaging Exhibition

Exhibition Hall Information

Tehran Int'l Permanent Fair Ground

Venue area: 115000 square meters

Exhibition Hall Address: Iran Tehran International Permanent Fairground, Chamran Express way, Vali-e Asr Ave., Tehran, Iran


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