2023 China (Tianjin) Printing and Packaging Industry Expo North China Printing and Packaging Exhibit

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Date 2023-05-25 - 2023-05-27
City Tianjin
Address National Convention and Exhibition Center
Hall National Convention and Exhibition Center
Sponsor Tianjin Packaging Technology Association

Exhibition Introduction

The 2023 China (Tianjin) Printing and Packaging Industry Expo (NCPPE North China Printing and Packaging Expo) will be held grandly from May 25 to 27, 2023 at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin)! The exhibition covers an area of 75000 square meters, with 2000 standard booths set up, and an estimated 800 enterprises expected to make a concentrated appearance.

The exhibition is organized by Tianjin Packaging Technology Association and organized by Bohai Group (Tianjin) International Exhibition Co., Ltd. We will focus on Industry 4.0 and create four platforms for display, experience, communication, and trading, focusing on showcasing new materials, equipment, technologies, processes, and products in the printing and packaging industry. We will create an experience platform that broadens the minds of professional audiences and enhances social audiences. Integrating the learning of printing principles, participation in printing processes, and production of printing and packaging products into one; Create a communication platform for development dynamics, promote deepening reform, open up channels for government, industry, research, and education, and provide new ideas for innovative development for printing and packaging enterprises. New ideas, new models, new models, solving industry development pain points, creating supply and demand docking, promoting sales and buying trading platforms, finding markets for packaging and printing products, and promoting excellent products and services for the printing and packaging market.

This exhibition will be a high-level, large-scale, and far-reaching grand event with the theme of "printing and packaging, post-press equipment, corrugated cardboard boxes, label printing, and plastic industry". We sincerely invite people with lofty ideals from both domestic and foreign packaging and printing industries to participate in the construction of the 2023 North China Printing and Packaging Exhibition. We will welcome you with full enthusiasm and thoughtful service!

Exhibition Scope

● Printing and packaging deep processing category: paper printing equipment, labeling equipment, pre press equipment, post press and packaging processing equipment, automated intelligent packaging equipment, print quality inspection, decoration technology, printing machine assembly technology, labeling and packaging materials, green packaging materials and products, paper and substrate, ink and coatings, services and software, supporting and basic equipment, etc;

Printing and packaging equipment, raw materials: box pasting machine, bag making machine, paper mounting machine, indentation machine, slotting machine, corner cutting machine, box nailing machine, bundling machine, stacking machine, intelligent robot film covering, polishing, hot pressing, die-cutting, slitting, longitudinal cutting, binding and other equipment;

● Corrugated exhibition area: corrugated cardboard production line, single sided corrugated cardboard production, single sided corrugated machine, double-sided corrugated machine, thin knife longitudinal cutting and indentation machine, cross cutting machine, stacking machine, paper receiving machine, paste making system, preheating cylinder, raw paper rack, corrugated roller, corrugated cardboard conveyor belt, rotary joint, clutch, brake, deviation correction system, steam recovery system, tile line sound insulation system, and others;

Packaging container exhibition area: paper packaging containers, plastic packaging containers, metal packaging containers, glass packaging containers, packaging materials and accessories, automated packaging equipment, packaging services, intelligent packaging and related material accessories, other material packaging containers, etc;

● Color box exhibition area: creative color boxes, folding boxes, plastic boxes, paper bags, plastic bags, etc., folding paper box post-press processing equipment, hard box processing equipment, plastic (plastic) box processing equipment, paper bag equipment, color box design systems, others;

● Plastic packaging exhibition area: flexible packaging, plastic bottles, plastic boxes, plastic boxes, plastic barrels, plastic hoses, plastic caps, blister packaging, injection molding packaging, non-woven products, disposable plastic lunch boxes, disposable chopsticks and forks, plastic cover films, labels, plastic cans, plastic buffer packaging, other plastic packaging containers, etc;

● Plastic packaging equipment: various types of packaging material processing machinery and equipment, including injection molding (blister, blow molding, rotational molding) machinery, extrusion machinery, box making machinery, bag making machinery, can making machinery, processing production lines, industrial automation, automatic printing and labeling systems, RFID printing and labeling application solutions, packaging post processing, packaging testing instruments, and packaging machinery;

● Services and others: paper, substrate, ink and consumables, supporting and infrastructure, services and software industries, etc;

participation fee 

Indoor bare ground (starting from 36 square meters, self built)

Domestic enterprises: 880 yuan ¥/㎡ Foreign enterprises: 300 yuan $/㎡

Standard booth 3m × 3m (lintel, negotiation table, folding chair, spotlight, socket, carpet)

Domestic exhibitors: regular 8800 yuan ¥/9 ㎡ luxury 12800 yuan ¥/9 ㎡

Foreign exhibitors: Ordinary 3000 yuan/9 square meters Luxury 3500 yuan/9 square meters

contact information

Tel: 400-040-0201



Address: 888 Guozhan Avenue, Xianshuigu Town, Jinnan District


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