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User centered, innovative experience is the ultimate. It is precisely with this business philosophy that Zhonghao Ziyun Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhonghao Ziyun) continues to gr

"User centered, innovative experience is the ultimate". It is precisely with this business philosophy that Zhonghao Ziyun Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhonghao Ziyun) continues to grow. Zhonghao Ziyun's road to the Internet of the printing industry can not be separated from its effective enterprise's forward-looking strategic layout and high-quality R & D team. Zhonghao Ziyun's R & D personnel innovatively launched Ziyun B2C printing Internet platform in July 2013. In August 2017, the company, out of strategic development considerations, paved the way for the industrial Internet platform and made the first innovation and reconstruction of the platform's technical architecture. Since then, Ziyun's industrial Internet platform has broken its cocoon and become a butterfly, and the settlement of third-party factories and merchants has also begun in earnest.

If an enterprise wants to develop continuously, it must open up new ideas, take new actions and keep pace with the times. Zhonghao Ziyun, who is familiar with this, has continuously improved its strength, enhanced its independent innovation ability, and taken the lead in the development of the printing industry's Internet platform. Now let's walk into Zhonghao Ziyun and take a look at its innovative development path.

Integrate resources and make independent innovation to achieve a new industrial upgrading of commercial e-commerce and industrial intelligence

Ziyun integrates the OEM demand of store operation, matches the capacity consumption demand of upstream production plants, expands the business scope of stores for settled merchants nationwide through the omni-channel three-dimensional coverage of raw material supply end, production plants and store operation in the industrial industry, and integrates the raw material demand with upstream raw material suppliers to provide merchants with the most cost-effective raw material supply and help store operation reduce costs, Realize industrial value gain, truly empower industrial terminals, improve industrial operation strength and service quality, and help the printing industry and businesses in printing related industries to realize the digitalization, intellectualization and standardization of production information through ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System), CRM (customer relationship management system), SaaS (software as a service) and MES (production management system) independently developed by Ziyun, combined with artificial intelligence technology and big data analysis technology Industrial information sharing, complete the new industrial upgrading of commercial e-commerce and industrial intelligence.

Deeply empower, create refined services, and help merchants realize big data analysis and management with one click

Taking "Empowering" all links of the industrial chain as its own responsibility, it is committed to promoting the informatization, intellectualization and digitalization of all ports of the industry, and is the first to propose the b2s2c business model of industrial interconnection platform in the printing field. In 2018, Ziyun went deep into the market, visited nearly 10000 first-line graphic stores, explored the industry's development pain points and industrial software needs, successfully developed and launched the paper printing mall app and graphic treasure wechat applet, and helped graphic store merchants to realize a highly independent ERP management system with industry customization characteristics. It integrated inventory, finance, order, production, procurement, customer maintenance and other functions to carry out comprehensive information management of stores and factories. Through the collection and analysis of the sales data and order data of store merchants, help store merchants to realize the intelligence of raw material procurement. In addition to realizing the lightweight inventory, the system will predict the consumption data of raw materials, consumables and auxiliary materials in the next month and next week in advance according to the order data of merchants, accurately push the intelligent procurement plan, and help merchants to achieve big data analysis and management with one click.

Take the lead in establishing a printing data center, and gradually form a cloud digital ecology for printing industry data processing

Zhonghao Ziyun takes the printing industry data collaboration center as the data element aggregation center of the whole printing industry, connecting publishing houses, publishers, printing enterprises and other industry themes, and relying on third-party data service enterprises, it builds a printing production data center in the region. based on "equipment IOT" and "system interconnection", the printing industry data processing center takes the data of the whole production process of printing enterprises as the elements, including product design, pre press processing, printing production, post press processing and other links, gathers the data of the whole process of the printing industry, makes full use of cloud computing, big data, blockchain and other information technologies, and builds and improves the information infrastructure system for industrial development, Build a cloud based printing industry internet platform, gradually provide flexible data services and information services for printing and packaging enterprises, and gradually form a cloud based digital ecology of printing industry data processing.

Along the way, with the spirit of long-term focus and continuous innovation, Zhonghao Ziyun will set sail in the printing industry internet market. In the future, Zhonghao Ziyun will continue to march forward with a realistic and pragmatic attitude, defying challenges and sailing in the waves.

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