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After the reform and opening up, Shunde, which was ready to go, became a pioneer of reform, and crossing the river by feeling the stones awakened the spirit of dare to be the first in Shunde people. a

After the reform and opening up, Shunde, which was ready to go, became a "pioneer of reform", and crossing the river by feeling the stones awakened the spirit of dare to be the first in Shunde people. andThe annual output value of enterprises in the printing industry reflects the "barometer" of a city's economic development. Shunde County Printing Factory can be said to be full of talents, "hatching" a group of potential outstanding entrepreneurs.

  Gan Xuanming's mother is also a member of the Shunde County Printing Factory, and has been subtly influencing the child's growth. "Every product has different characteristics. He will increase and modify the equipment according to the characteristics of the product to make the machine more automatic." Today, more than 20 years later, when talking about his son's entrepreneurial history, Gan Xuanming's mother still remembers his son's entrepreneurial journey. The details, the words revealed the concern for his son.

Gan Xuanming, General Manager of Shunde Ditu Printing Co., Ltd.

  The mother of the "Generation Yin" did not start a business, but Gan Xuanming became the "Second Generation Yin" who started a business. Gan Xuanming, general manager of Shunde Ditu Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ditu Printing) has been working hard for 27 years, leading a cohesive management team to print this "track" On "the style of competition, the level of competition".

  Complete urgent printing tasks day and night

  Become a high-quality supplier of government and enterprise units

  After graduating from university, graduates will always face the dual choice of entrepreneurship and employment. At a fork in the road of career development, Gan Xuanming chose the "track" of entrepreneurial printing . Isn't he worried that his lack of qualifications will lead to the failure of his business? Instead of being immersed in the small world of worries, it is better to take a brave step and be his own entrepreneur.

  Influenced by the mother of the "Printing Generation", Gan Xuanming developed an interest in printing and planted the seeds of entrepreneurship in his heart. In 1995, he established a 50-square-meter "small workshop" civilized printing factory, opened a sales department in Daliang, and adopted a storefront direct sales model. If you want to be big, you must first be strong. Gan Xuanming is well aware of the importance of printing equipment , and has traveled to Tiancheng Road, Guangzhou many times to research the market, study and study, and purchase equipment.

  Yide Road in Guangzhou is known as the "Wholesale Road", and there is also a "Printing Road" with a long history nearby - Tiancheng Road. Tiancheng Road made its fortune from "paper" and has a strong foundation in the paper and printing industries, including packaging, tapes, paper cutters, etc. Different from other ordinary customers, Gan Xuanming especially likes to linger in various stores, researching printing machines and related paper consumables. He can blurt out what kind of machine has which characteristics.

  In the crowded small streets, trucks full of printed materials kept coming and going. Gan Xuanming also gradually integrated into the lively atmosphere, and bought an imported business card printing machine for a few hundred yuan on Tiancheng Road. This printing machine, carrying Gan Xuanming's dream, was shipped back to his small workshop in Shunde. In the early days of the small workshop, there were only 5 employees. Gan Xuanming is both the boss and the employee. He takes care of the start-up, printing, and plate punching. He works around the clock to increase the output value of the enterprise. In 1997, with the increase of business volume, Gan Xuanming bought a piece of land in Yongfeng Industrial Zone, Lunjiao, and built a factory building of 1,500 square meters.

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