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 editor's note  At the beginning of March 2022, the 2022 China Label Printing Industry Top 50 Brand Influence enterprise list was released, which has been widely recognized and actively partici

 editor's note

  At the beginning of March 2022, the "2022 China Label Printing Industry Top 50 Brand Influence" enterprise list was released, which has been widely recognized and actively participated by enterprises in the industry.

  In order to further highlight the demeanor of the companies on the list, the label technology WeChat public account specially launched the [Top 50 Labels] column, with the purpose of telling the brand stories of the companies on the list, digging out the value of the company's brand, conveying the voice of the company's brand, and recording one after another with words. The brand story shows the innovation and persistence of Chinese label brands in corporate culture, product development, design and production, and creates a "shining business card" for the image of Chinese labels in the new era.

  The selection of "Top 50 Most Influential Brands in China's Label Printing Industry in 2023" is in full swing. Welcome to contact Labellord to sign up!

  In this column, let us walk into the listed companies together:

  Saiwei Precision Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.

  Dongguan, Guangdong, as an important base of intelligent manufacturing in China, has bred a number of excellent manufacturing enterprises with advanced equipment, superb technology and continuous innovation and development due to its unique geographical environment and policy advantages. Among them, there is such a label printing company that has been deeply involved in the field of electronic labels for more than 20 years, weathering the wind and rain, overcoming obstacles, bravely climbing the peak, constantly breaking through itself, and bringing more possibilities to electronic labels. Since its development, it has become a label printing enterprise specializing in label printing and precision die-cutting of electronic consumer products, and providing customers with personalized solutions. It is - Saiwei Precision Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. ).

LDK panorama

  With a long history of struggle, how did LDK successfully gain a foothold in the field of electronic labels? How did it break through the difficult obstacles on the road to growth? With these questions in mind, the magazine "Label Technology" conducted an exclusive interview with Mr. Jia Jianhua, the chairman of LDK, let us Let's understand the story behind the growth of Saiwei together.


  "Smell" business opportunities, strategically seize the new track first

  At the beginning of its establishment in 1998, Saiwei had only 5 people, 1 office and 1 warehouse. By coincidence, out of curiosity about the word "Ribbon" and focusing on the broad market prospect of scarce carbon ribbon resources, Jia Dong officially started the journey of Ribbon. "The first peak period of our LDK was created at that time, when the sales of carbon ribbons accounted for more than 20% of the national industrial application market." Jia Dong recalled.

  However, with the changing needs of customers and the trend of market segmentation becoming more and more obvious, the single carbon ribbon business model can no longer meet the market demand, and the demand for label printing has begun to increase significantly. Saiwei, which has always been "customer-oriented", seized the opportunity of this transformation and decided to complete the "big transformation" into a label manufacturing enterprise.

       In 2001, LDK, which had a clear transformation goal, opened a new chapter of drastic changes. For LDK, which has no experience in label printing, the road ahead is always full of thorns. "At that time, label printing was unfamiliar to us." Jia Dong said, "There were many difficulties in terms of equipment and technology, but we never gave up and kept trying." A label sample, LDK officially embarked on the exclusive electronic label "track".

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