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Since the implementation of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP), policy dividends have continued to be released, opening up a broader space for Jiangsu enterprises to brin

Since the implementation of the "Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement" (RCEP), policy dividends have continued to be released, opening up a broader space for Jiangsu enterprises to "bring in and go out". According to statistics from Nanjing Customs, in January, Nanjing Customs and the Jiangsu Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade issued a total of 12,900 RCEP certificates of origin, and the export value of visas was 3.941 billion yuan. Among them, enterprises in Jiangsu enjoy 940 million yuan worth of imported RCEP goods and 21.1727 million yuan of preferential tariffs.


  Recently, Lemei Packaging (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. declared to Kunshan Customs a batch of paper-plastic-aluminum composite materials exported to Indonesia. With the issued RCEP certificate, the import tariff in the country can be reduced from 5% to 0%. It is estimated that the tariff reduction and exemption will be 45,000 yuan.


  "This is the first RCEP certificate that our company has applied for after the official implementation of the RCEP agreement in Indonesia this year. In the past, this product of our company was exported to Indonesia, which was not within the scope of tax rebates in the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area and could not enjoy policy dividends. But now that RCEP has come into force in Indonesia, it not only enables us to enjoy the tax benefits of zero-tariff imports, but also plays a positive role in stabilizing the company’s cooperation with customers in the region,” said Zhang Yi, the company’s customs officer.


  In order to help more enterprises enjoy policy dividends, Nanjing Customs relies on case analysis to highlight key highlights such as tariff reduction arrangements and accumulation rules, and adopts the "online + offline" method to hold RCEP special trainings to carry out policy interpretation and answer questions for enterprises in the jurisdiction Confused. Strengthen in-depth research on rules such as regional accumulation, combine the tariff concessions of multiple free trade agreements such as China-ASEAN, establish a comparison list, customize the optimal combination, and accurately guide enterprises to enjoy preferential policies.


  While policy dividends continue to be released, facilitation measures have also helped Jiangsu enterprises sprint to a "good start". In Jiangsu Carnation Textile Technology Co., Ltd. located in Huai'an, Jiangsu, the staff of the enterprise enter the "single window" of international trade through the computer, click the mouse, and a RCEP certificate of origin that has just passed the intelligent review is printed out. Enjoy preferential tariffs in the importing country.


  Jiangsu Carnation Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized, special and new "little giant" enterprise in Jiangsu Province, focusing on the R&D, manufacturing and sales services of hotel textiles. "It's really convenient. Self-service printing allows us to apply for the RCEP certificate of origin without leaving home. The customs regularly pushes the RCEP tariff reduction policy, allowing us to directly understand the scope and extent of tariff reductions for commodities under RCEP, and timely report The RCEP rules of origin have been incorporated into production management to explore potential business opportunities.” Li Fayong, deputy director of the company’s president’s office, said that with the “paper gold” certificate of origin, the company has won more orders from overseas customers, and its product market competitiveness has greatly improved. In January this year, the company's export sales were 18.5 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19%, achieving a "good start".


  "This year, we will give full play to the role of the 'FTA Huisu Enterprises' cooperation platform, extensively carry out RCEP policy publicity and training, timely strengthen policy assistance for enterprises that are 'should enjoy benefits but not enjoy benefits', provide precise guidance on enjoying benefits, and support Jiangsu enterprises Make full use of the RCEP policy to achieve more results in expanding exports and enhancing deep-level competitiveness.” Zhou Yusheng, Director of the Tariff Department of Nanjing Customs, introduced.

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