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The Internet of things has brought many talented innovations in the field of technology. It enables the establishment of smart homes to connect various devices to a network for timely reporting and up

The Internet of things has brought many talented innovations in the field of technology. It enables the establishment of smart homes to connect various devices to a network for timely reporting and updating. This technology seems to extend its application to many other new fields. As it is widely adopted, the industry is looking for individuals with strong IOT training certification to expand its business operations. One of them is the packaging industry. Due to the implementation of the Internet of things in today's packaging process, intelligent packaging is possible. This progress in packaging has been considered to affect customers in a positive way.

What is intelligent packaging?

The Internet of things has realized intelligent packaging, but what is it actually?  Intelligent packaging refers to the use of embedded and directly interconnected materials. Therefore, it allows packaging materials to share their information directly.

In addition, smart packaging enables customers to interact with it to access data, such as operation guides, recipe making tutorials, and so on. Basically, it can provide useful information to help customers use products in the best way. More importantly, the Internet of things makes use of a variety of technologies such as two-dimensional code, AR and VR to make packaging and the Internet of things work together in a more effective way.

What are the ways of using intelligent packaging? Real time offers and coupons:

Smart packaging allows brands to add or replace content in real time as needed. Therefore, when a product can not meet the sales expectations, the company will implant exciting preferential activities when buying such products. For example, coupons, buy one get one free, etc. Here, consumers can get the latest preferential information by scanning the QR code.

Tamper sensor:

Intelligent packaging can register information to know whether there is any information about changes in packaging properties. In addition, it can even know if someone opened it earlier.

Authenticity verification:

The scanner can detect the reliability of a product by placing a microchip in the product. Therefore, it is very useful for enterprises that often face the supply problem of counterfeit products. In addition, major brands such as channel, Levi's and MK have already used this technology for intelligent packaging. According to the IOT expert team, smart packaging helps ensure the brand's reputation.

Reorder triggers:

Through the intelligent packaging of the Internet of things, customers and marketers can record goods when inventory is insufficient. For this reason, the system is usually connected with self inventory data. However, another way to achieve this is to embed triggers in the props themselves. Therefore, the system can automatically record product availability. With this device, consumers can know the current inventory of any product they choose. Therefore, there will be no failure to order basic products on time.

Log tracking:

Smart products tend to maintain a digital footprint in every link from production to retail. With the help of log tracking, users can check the whole process of the product. For example, where it has been, who handled it, when, and so on. Therefore, enterprises can find any problems or errors faster and more effectively in the whole supply chain.

Use of temperature sensor:

Many marketers import and export perishable goods, which are sensitive to their surroundings. By embedding NFC stickers on the temperature sensors, users can get updates of any changes. Therefore, consumers can know whether the product has been properly processed at the appropriate temperature through product scanning.

Digital label:

With the application of digital labels or electronic labels, customers can quickly obtain the product data they need. In addition, with the help of triggers such as QR codes, consumers can access accurate product related content.

To learn more about the application of Internet of things technology in the packaging industry, you can choose Internet of things certification. With a reputable certification, you can not only understand the importance of the Internet of things in the packaging industry, but also understand the importance of the Internet of things in automotive, smart city, office and other fields.

What is the future of the packaging industry and the Internet of things?

The following is the relevant forecast for the Internet of things in the manufacturing and packaging industry:

According to a report of General Electric, the Internet of things can contribute as much as $10 to $15 trillion to global GDP by 2030. Through the simultaneous work of IOT expert teams, machines and the Internet, we can avoid the waste of $150 billion in important industries. It can be said that this method has the potential to innovate productivity.

Other reports show that by 2025, the global Internet of things can raise $19.06 billion worth of funds for the warehouse management market.

In addition, the retail community is more optimistic about the implementation of the Internet of things in the supply chain mechanism. Therefore, with the widespread adoption of the Internet of things by retailers, the development of inventory management and automation technology will be significantly improved.

In addition, 43% of consumers may share their personal information with brands to receive discounts and recommendations according to their interests. Through personalization, brands can provide customers with products or services they are willing to buy sooner or later.


The Internet of things is a future advancement that enhances other technologies and machines to create a more effective operating framework. Although the Internet of things has benefited all industries, the value of intelligent packaging is very significant. This not only brings advantages to brands, but also brings greater convenience to ordinary consumers.

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