Creativity drives users, and Herbalife's creative packaging wins another award!

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As a veteran nutrition and health industry powerhouse established in 1980, Herbalife has always insisted on making novel and creative styles on product packaging to stimulate users' interest and h

As a veteran nutrition and health industry "powerhouse" established in 1980, Herbalife has always insisted on making novel and creative styles on product packaging to stimulate users' interest and help product and content marketing, which has also been fully recognized by the industry. Affirmation - Herbalife's various products have won various awards many times.

  In March 2023, Herbalife Protein Nutritional Shake Easy Pack won the Silver Award of the 2023 Muse Design Award.

  The MUSE Design Awards was established in 2015 and has been successfully held eight times so far. As one of the global award competitions under the International Awards Association, the award collects design works from a wide range of fields such as architecture, interior, product, landscape, lighting, packaging, fashion, etc., and is committed to discovering and supporting outstanding talents in various industries. Designers in the rising period aim to cultivate and promote "Design Muse" and promote the development of the global design industry to a higher level.

  Herbalife protein nutrition milkshake (easy to enjoy) is in the form of "creative and playful" small strips, which fits the usage scenarios and habits of young consumers. once it is launched, it will refresh consumers. The product packaging is closely related to the busy and humorous status and personality of Generation Z users, and is cleverly combined with interesting text and design, full of wit and wit.

  In the 2022 6th Goldsmith Awards held in December 2022, Herbalife won the B2C case category annual content for its marketing case of "Herbalife's world's first soft candy product Zhimanxing™ DHA algae oil jelly candy launch promotion" by the marketing department Marketing Silver Award.

  The Goldsmiths Award aims to appraise and discover unique brand marketing cases, platforms, and character benchmarks, advocate values and behaviors that steadily improve professional capabilities, and ultimately create a marketing award with a craftsman spirit in the marketing industry. Compared with the traditional marketing awards, the Goldsmiths Awards are more focused on finding the most promising companies and cases such as marketing methods representing cutting-edge marketing trends and various types of intelligent marketing platforms.

  During the marketing communication process of DHA algae oil gummies, Herbalife, through novel and interesting creative presentations, vivid and eye-catching visual effects, and high-frequency and immersive multi-channel access, helped the brand to attract users' attention and stimulate users' interest with the help of new products. And then establish the transformation of user connection.

  "Creativity drives users" is the "only way" for content and brand marketing in the new era. In the future, Herbalife will continue to increase its focus on creative marketing and produce more exciting content for consumers!

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