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News:The eyes of the global rubber and plastic industry once again turned to Shenzhen, China!On April 17, the CHINAPLAS 2023 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition kicked off. For the first time,

 News:The eyes of the global rubber and plastic industry once again turned to Shenzhen, China! On April 17, the "CHINAPLAS 2023 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition" kicked off. For the first time, the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center opened a total of 18 exhibition halls, setting a record high with an exhibition area of 380,000 squaremetersWith the theme of "Starting a New Journey • Shaping the Future • Innovation and Win-Win", the exhibition will join hands with more than 3,900 global high-qualityexhibitorsto stage the "plastic" degree and passion of rubber and plastic technology for four consecutive days (April 17-20).

  "With the upgrading and transformation of China's manufacturing industry, the demand for advanced technology will continue to rise. As a benchmark city for high-end transformation, Shenzhen will play a huge role in promoting this critical moment." Exhibition organizer - Chairman of Adsale Group Zhu Yulun said. "CHINAPLAS 2023 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition" will return to Shenzhen, with the mission of promoting the high-quality development of the industry and the development of advanced manufacturing, and will work with the industry to move towards high-end manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing.

 Start a new journey︱Inject new impetus into advanced manufacturing

  The "CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition", which was born in 1983, has grown into the world's leading international plastics and rubber exhibition. Whether it is the "time" that has been cultivated for 40 years or the "space" with an exhibition area of 380,000 square meters, all of them have witnessed the vigorous development of China's rubber and plastics industry. Coming to the critical year of 2023, the story of this annual event in the rubber and plastics industry has turned to a new chapter. Walking into the 18 exhibition halls, you will be greeted with a breath of innovation. More than 1,500 material suppliers are in full bloom, and 3,000 machines are dancing passionately. As the first world-class rubber and plastics industry exhibition held in China after the smooth transition of epidemic prevention and control, "CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition" actively presents the world's top intelligent achievements, injecting new impetus into the new journey of the rubber and plastics industry towards high-end manufacturing.

  In 2022, the sales of new energy vehicles in China will increase by 93.4% year-on-year; the proportion of clean energy represented by wind energy, solar energy, and hydrogen energy in China's energy consumption will rise to more than 25%; e-commerce logistics packaging, prefabricated vegetable packaging, new innovations The growth momentum of medical equipment and other industries is rapid. Aiming at the industry's hotspot areas and market demand, the exhibition launched a large number of innovative solutions, including more than 200 global/Asian debut technology projects, as well as a number of cutting-edge and hot technologies, including multi-terminal applications of long fiber reinforced thermoplastic resins, and electric vehicles. High-performance and sustainable flame-retardant solutions, heat-sealing film materials for solar photovoltaic modules, and high-tech materials such as silica gel for biopharmaceuticals that maintain their performance in an ultra-low temperature environment of -114°C; In the "Innovative Technology Products Zone", biaxially stretched films, high-barrier packaging bags, LCP films, optical films, lithium battery separators, photovoltaic packaging films and other functional film products are made of PEEK, PPS, PAI, PVDF, ETFE and other materials Special rubber and plastic products such as sheets , plates, rods, pipes, etc. have attracted great attention from the audience.

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