Proposal for Advocating Moderate Packaging of Tea and Promoting Green and Civilized Consumption

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Tea is the national drink. China is the hometown of tea and has a profound tea drinking culture. Tea and tea culture have become a bright business card of China in the world. In recent years, the tea

"Tea is the national drink". China is the hometown of tea and has a profound tea drinking culture. Tea and tea culture have become a bright business card of China in the world. In recent years, the tea industry has made great progress. More categories and more brands of tea have entered the consumer market, deeply integrated into the lives of Chinese people, and improved the quality of life of Chinese consumers. However, tea products have also appeared in terms of packaging. Some excessive extravagance and extravagance damage the rights and interests of consumers, affect the image of the tea industry, and are not conducive to the healthy development of the tea industry.


  The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasized that "advocate green consumption and promote the formation of green and low-carbon production methods and lifestyles". On September 1, 2023, "Restricting Excessive Packaging Requirements for Commodities and Cosmetics" will be fully implemented. In terms of consumer rights, the "Consumer Rights Protection Law" also stipulates that "the state advocates civilized, healthy, resource-saving and environmental-friendly consumption patterns, and opposes waste." It has become the consensus of all sectors of society, including operators and consumers, that "it is the duty of operators to practice strict economy, and it is the responsibility of consumers to oppose waste". The recent consumer perception survey conducted by the China Consumers Association shows that consumers are relatively concentrated on the problem of excessive tea packaging, and hope that the tea industry will set an example in eliminating excessive packaging and promoting green and civilized consumption.


  The China Consumers Association and the China Tea Circulation Association, starting from opposing excessive tea packaging, based on the principle of regulating the production of tea products in accordance with the law and promoting the development of the tea industry to meet the needs of consumers, jointly issued a "Tea Advocacy" to the majority of operators and consumers. Moderate packaging, promoting green and civilized consumption" initiative.


  1. Strictly abide by national regulations and resolutely operate according to law


  Tea business operators should abide by the "Solid Waste Pollution Prevention and Control Law", "Circular Economy Promotion Law", "Clean Production Promotion Law", "Anti-Unfair Competition Law", "Advertising Law", "Restricting Excessive Packaging of Commodities and Requiring Food and Cosmetics" and other laws and national laws and regulations. According to the standard, produce according to the law. Conscientiously carry out self-inspection and self-inspection work, implement standards, use standards, and meet standards as soon as possible, ensure that rectification is in place when standards are implemented, and promote tea products to return to the attributes of commodities themselves. For products with attachments, accessories, etc., reasonable combinations shall be made in accordance with the law in accordance with the principle of necessity, and no "edge balls" shall be played, and there shall be no luck.


  2. Fair and just competition, respect for consumer rights


  Respect the rights and interests of consumers endowed by the Consumer Protection Law. Provide consumers with high-quality and affordable products by standardizing commodity packaging, scientific pricing, and reasonable marketing. In accordance with the principle of clearly marked prices, the accessories and accessories are marked separately, allowing consumers to choose independently. Consciously resist using product packaging as a gimmick to induce or mislead consumers into purchasing behavior. Respect consumers' right to know, right to independent choice and right to fair trade. Do not use excessive packaging for unfair competition, and do not damage the legitimate rights and interests of other operators.


  3. Carry forward the fashion of frugality and promote green consumption


  Tea operators should firmly establish concepts such as "safety and practicality, resource conservation, green simplicity, and consumer-friendliness" to promote frugality. Actively explore and establish a packaging recycling mechanism, adhere to the principle of combining source governance and end governance, and advocate a new concept of simple but not simple commodity packaging. Continue to improve product innovation and research and development capabilities and production technology levels, and provide consumers with more categories and specifications of healthy and nutritious tea products. In terms of tea packaging , according to the requirements of different tea categories, brands, varieties, and quality, we should achieve appropriate packaging materials , optimized structure, appropriate materials, harmless processing, and green production. Advocate tea business operators to publicize the energy efficiency, water efficiency, environmental performance, carbon emissions and other information of the whole production chain of tea raw material production, processing and packaging, etc., for consumers to choose and social supervision.


  4. Industry self-discipline and autonomy, sharing scientific and technological achievements


  Tea business operators should fully understand the importance and urgency of specific tasks such as fighting against waste, especially against excessive packaging, and take combating against waste, especially against excessive packaging, as an important criterion for cooperative product selection. The tea industry should cooperate in unifying product standards, promoting common accessories, etc., and reach a consensus, so as to jointly reduce waste caused by repeated purchases by consumers due to inconsistent product specifications and standards. Actively develop and use new packaging materials that are conducive to resource conservation, actively promote new technologies, new designs, and new processes that meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, and actively adopt recyclable, easy-to-handle, easy-to-degrade, and reusable packaging. Encourage tea operators to open up standards, patents, process formulas, etc. that are conducive to the production of green and low-carbon products for use by other operators to enhance social benefits.


  5. Strengthen scientific guidance and promote rational consumption


  Advocate tea operators to carry out humanized design of product packaging, increase the proportion of new packaging and simple packaging, reduce packaging volume and weight, save packaging costs, and be "law-abiding", "promoters", "innovators" and "sharers" who resist excessive tea packaging By". Advocate consumers to establish a scientific and rational consumption concept, try to buy and choose resource-saving products, and be a "pioneer", "practice", "propagandist" and "supervisor" against excessive tea packaging. Consumers are urged to consciously choose simple and moderate packaging products when visiting relatives and friends, and refuse to pay for excessive packaging; try to bring your own shopping bags when shopping to reduce the consumption and pollution of packaging. At the same time, when encountering wasteful behaviors that violate the national standard for excessive tea packaging during consumption, take the initiative to complain and report, and jointly promote the formation of a lifestyle and consumption model that saves resources and protects the environment.

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